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Window Tinting Installation in Las Vegas, Nevada

Superior Center Auto Glass understands that our clients have many choices in Las Vegas window tinting. This is why we have tinted car windows with the best material and a satisfaction guarantee since 1967. The advantages of our Metal Alloy SunTek film and over 40 years of experience truly separate our Las Vegas window tints from lower quality alternatives.

We take pride in saving our clients time and money. Our car window film is 100% guaranteed against the bubbling, peeling, and discoloration that can plague improperly tinted windows or inexperienced installation.

This provides assurance to customers that their reflective window tinting will last for years to come. In minimizing the need for a return visit, our customers can simply enjoy the cosmetic and practical benefits of their auto glass tinting.

Our car window technicians understand the curb appeal of tinting driver and passenger door windows. However, different reflective strengths and styles should be matched to each customer's needs. As a solution to generic window tinting, Superior Center Auto Glass offers the widest selection of tinted window styles in Las Vegas.

From a partial reflective tinting to a limousine window tint, we can advise on the most appropriate choice for your vehicle. This flexibility separates us from the standard choices that leave customers with few window tinting options.

The year-round sunshine of Las Vegas can wreak havoc on a car's upholstery and fabrics. Superior Center Auto Glass has the reflective window tinting that preserves dashboards, steering wheels and car seats from fading or cracking.

Aside from enhancing the appearance of your car, truck, or SUVs exterior, our cutting edge window tinting film also preserves your car's interior. Many motorists note the heat reflecting properties of our film is also energy efficient and reduces the need to maximize their car air conditioning.

Visiting our Las Vegas window tinting shop is an investment in your car's appearance and longevity. From repairing or replacing cracked windshields for safety to custom rims that set your vehicle apart, Superior Center Auto Glass makes it convenient for customers to enhance their vehicles.

We offer weekend hours and will not be undersold.

Please contact us at 702-706-0716 for an estimate or consultation. 

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