Superior Mobile Auto Glass - Windshield Repair

 Windshield Repair Process in Las Vegas, Nevada

The windshield repair process involves a tool that directly attaches to the glass which injects a special resin into the damaged area on the glass. After the resin is injected it is cured and polished to restore the glass.

When a windshield is initially damaged, the chip or crack often spreads through the windshield's inner layer of plastic which in some cases is surrounded by glass. In this case, a drill is used to get through the glass to the plastic area where the resin will be injected to repair the damage.

This process is simply a first-aid technique to help preserve your windshield and stop the damage from getting worse. Depending on how bad the damaged area is, you may not even notice it was ever there when we are finished. In either case, the repair method will allow your windshield glass to last longer and save you money.

Since every situation (chip/crack) is unique, a Superior Auto Glass technician will have to evaluate your auto glass and give you a professional opinion on what can be done.

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